Here are some quotes/observations from former trip participants:


“A duvet is not a sleeping bag.” — Phil

“Treasure your tap water in restaurants in America.” — Everyone

“Tarte flambee is NOT pizza.” — Lindsay

“An amazing experience, well worth the money.” — Ken

“Leave your key in the back of your hotel door, or you could die from a fire.” — Shelby

“Don’t underestimate the small towns. France is not just Paris.” — Tucker

“The people were very friendly and love to show off their English. All of the cities were clean & beautiful. A great experience that everyone should have.” — Tom

“Pigeon catching is not as easy as it seems.” — Steve

“The German culture was very interesting & the scenery is beautiful there. I would love to go again.” — Kelly

“Germans are extreme environmentalists. They have little yards with lots of flowers. You can take your dog anywhere you want, even in the malls.” — Shannon

“I learned that my outer look wouldn’t shock Europe, because all of their youth dresses like me.” — Fred

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