Trip Details

Specifics about packing, accommodations, flights, pricing & payments, and insurance


Pack light! Getting around Europe without a tour bus means that we must be nimble:

    • Only one carry-on bag per person (9″ x 22″ x 14″ including wheels, 20-pound max.)   We can always schedule a laundry stop mid-trip, and quick-dry clothing can be hand-washed and dried at the hotel.   If you plan to shop a lot, pack a collapsible duffle bag that you can check during the flight home.
    • Use a smaller day bag to carry things around town when sight-seeing (i.e., camera, water bottle, book/notebook, small purchases, etc.)
    • You’re traveling to see the sights and sounds of Europe, so please leave distractions like cell phones, music players, video games, etc., turned off and/or at home.
    • “If you don’t bring it, you can’t lose it.”   Leave anything treasured or valuable at home. (jewelry, electronics, etc.)
    • A money belt containing your passport, money (cash, credit card(s), etc.), plane tickets, etc., must be worn under your clothes at all times.   Keep in your pockets &/or day bag only a small amount of money, as pickpockets thrive in places frequented by tourists.
    • Comfortable shoes with good support are a must, as much of the day is spent walking and/or standing in order to see the sights.


Generally, we stay in centrally-located, two-star hotels, B&B’s, or quality hostels.  Hotel rooms are doubles (two twin beds or one queen-sized bed), though triples or quads may be used for students.   Single rooms will require a supplemental fee, or may not be an option in some places.


All trips are quoted using a major airline, flying in and out of Chicago, with one lay-over maximum.   (Other departure cities can be arranged as necessary.)   For those from the Valparaiso area, taking the shuttle to O’Hare as a group is a convenient option.

Pricing & Payments

The price for each trip itinerary is as follows:

  • France – Luxembourg – Germany:  end March 2019:   $3500*

The pricing includes round-trip airfare from Chicago, all transportation within Europe, all overnight accommodations, breakfasts, sit-down dinners, lunches of sampler foods (i.e., sandwiches, crepes, picnic-fare, pastries, fast food, etc.), any guided tours, and admission to all activities mentioned in the itinerary.   [*Assumes a maximum exchange rate of $1.50 = one euro, and airfare under $1500]

Participants are responsible for their own passport (valid for at least 6 months after the dates of the trip), transportation to/from O’Hare airport, spending money, and any insurance needed/desired.

A deposit of $1800 is necessary to reserve your spot (due no later than 100 days before departure), which covers the purchase of non-refundable plane tickets for the group.   Should there not be enough participants to run the trip, the deposit will be refunded in full.   The balance of the fees will be due 30 days prior to departure.

To avoid any conflict of interest, all trips are offered at cost — no profit is built into the price. A full disclosure of trip expenses will be made available to trip participants.  Should there be any money left over at the end of the trip, it will be divided and returned to the participants.


We strongly recommend that you have health insurance coverage when travelling abroad.   Please check with your health insurance provider to see if your policy covers you for a trip to Europe.   If not, buy some coverage from a reputable company that offers health insurance for travelers. (i.e., TravelGuard, etc.)

Other insurance (i.e., trip cancellation and/or interruption, flight delay, lost baggage, etc.) is optional but can also be purchased for peace of mind, if you so desire.

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