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Steppin’ out

Another reason to go somewhere else and spend multiple days covering distance on foot with minimal belongings on your back is for the chance to step out of the American paradigm of life, or the Western paradigm, or the “civilized world” paradigm, or the middle class paradigm, or whatever you want to call daily life as we … Continue reading

“The zen of walking” by VBT

Here’s yet another take on the prospect of walking from VBT’s catalog (paraphrased ever so slightly): – “Walking is not about who can cover the most miles in the shortest time.  It’s not a competition.  It’s about finding your own pace, settling into your own rhythm, and remaining open to the unexpected.  Some call this … Continue reading

More thoughts from Matt Green’s “I’m Just Walkin’ [Across America]”

I couldn’t have explained the reasons for walking any better than Matt Green did on his “I’m Just Walkin’ [Across America]” website.  It’s just fantastic — check it out: – “Why I’m Doing It: The Short Answer Many people ask me the following questions when they hear about my walk: Am I raising money for … Continue reading

A few thoughts from Gil Campbell’s “Scottish Coastal Walk”

Here are a few thoughts from Gil Campbell’s “Scottish Coastal Walk” website about walking that resonated with me (slightly paraphrased to fit my situation): “I have approximately 150 miles or so to go before the end of the walk and I’ve decided not to blast away at it but to savour the miles.  The most difficult part of … Continue reading