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A few thoughts from Gil Campbell’s “Scottish Coastal Walk”

Here are a few thoughts from Gil Campbell’s “Scottish Coastal Walk” website about walking that resonated with me (slightly paraphrased to fit my situation):

“I have approximately 150 miles or so to go before the end of the walk and I’ve decided not to blast away at it but to savour the miles.  The most difficult part of this project has always been the way I have to “psyche myself up” before I head off.  By that I mean that it does at times seem a ridiculous project to have started and there always ensues a battle of wits with myself [and others] as to why I should travel hundreds [or thousands] of miles just to wander around muddy fields and farm roads for several days when I could be spending time doing other more “worthwhile” activities.  However I always tell myself that this has as much vailidity as anything else when all is said and done.  I’m out in the fresh air, I’m getting fit, and I’m closer to nature than sitting in an air-conditioned building all day.”


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