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Learning about the world through travel

We offer Valparaiso-area residents, friends and family, and anyone else who might be interested, the chance to experience Europe firsthand.

We travel abroad as a small group (10-12 people total) and use local transportation to get around, not a coach bus.   European cities are compact, so the best way to appreciate what they have to offer is on foot.   As we do a fair amount of walking, it is important that everyone be in good physical and mental condition.

These trips are designed for those willing to “get on out there” and see what there is to see, having fun while gathering memories-of-a-lifetime.   The planned itinerary guides us, yet allows for impromptu exploration along the way.   We limit ourselves to visiting a few cities/regions well (to minimize time spent in transit), and strike a nice balance between structured sight-seeing activities and free time to soak in the atmosphere.

Our aim is not only to show you Europe, but also to teach you how to navigate the different languages and cultures and to get around comfortably, much like a local person would.   Maybe you’ll even “catch the bug” and want to return to Europe some day.

NEW! for 2019:

If you would like to take part in one of our upcoming trips, or for more information, to share feedback, etc., please send us an email at:


We’d be delighted to have you along!

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